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he BenQ MX760 opens you to the highest installation versatility with 1.6x Big Zoom minus the hassle of reconstructions! designed to support resolution from VGA (640 x 480) to UXGA (1600 x 1200),3700 ANSI lumens, 5300 ultra-high contrast ratio and 3D ready projection, the MX760 is the best-matched presentation choice for your medium-sized classrooms and meeting rooms!


Product Description



1.6x Big Zoom Impressive Projection Range

Enjoy the superior installation flexibility with the MX760! With its 1.6x Big Zoom feature to give you a 60″ big picture in an impressively wide range of throw distance from 1.70 to 2.72 meters, you’ll be overcome any form of limited ceiling space – dodging ceiling fans, lights and room decorations. Simply place the MX760 where your original ceiling mount is and slide it in – at no extra cost to your budget!

20° Manual Vertical Lens Shift Installation Flexibility

The manual Vertical Lens Shift function allows you to make minor projection adjustments to the projected image by shifting the image up by 20° – giving you the extra flexibility you need to overcome slight miscalculations during a new projector installation.

Auto / Manual Keystone ± 40°

Automatically or manually, the MX760 gets rid of misshaped images, graphics and charts instantaneously via its ± 40° vertical keystone adjustment function! With the MX760, a perfect square is all you’ll see!

LAN Control Centralized Projector Management

LAN Control is designed to help IT managers perform day-to-day projector maintenance and repair tasks efficiently and effectively – offering them full access and control over every projector directly from their workstations. It’s just what you need to save energy, time and money!

The BenQ MX760 offers seamless support for your original LAN Control setting – whether it’s Crestron, PJ-Link or SNMP. It also comes with a built-in projector network control system uniquely designed by BenQ for your convenience. All it takes is a LAN cable to set things up!

Thoughtful Design for Presenters

20W Microphone Audio Power

The MX760 is built with 20W industry-leading audio power and microphone input to empower your presentation! Two 10W speakers are sealed and secured within each side of the projector with BenQ’s anti-shake design to deliver crisp-clear audio quality and projection stability, while the microphone input connects you to conventional and wireless microphones and microphone headsets.

What’s more, the MX760 can be used as an audio system only even when it’s on standby mode! Finally, you can have a blast presenting without straining your voice – or your budget!

Hassle-Free PC-Less Presentation

Enjoy a hassle-free presentation with the USB Reader and Remote Desktop functions! The USB Reader function enables a JPEG presentation with a USB flash drive! It’s as easy and plug and play! The Remote Desktop function allows you to present using a wireless mouse and keyboard! Consider it an upgrade from the USB Reader option! You’ll get to access everything from your computer remotely on the projection screen! Going PC-less also means you’ll get to save up on computer purchase, maintenance and repair for your school or company!

Multiple Display Options for Various Office and Classroom Needs

Projectors are powerful tools for making successful presentations. To ensure a smooth presentation on your part, BenQ has integrated various display functions into the MX760 to fit every need!

USB Display offers the plug-and-play convenience of USB connection – with automatic resolution detection for the best image presentation and extension support for simultaneous multi-projection display.

LAN Display offers a cost-effective solution for projector implementation management using a single LAN cable to control and display. This feature also offers simultaneous 1-8, 4-1 or partial projection display option for better content management for discussions, presentations, training and classroom teaching.

Wireless Display keeps cables and wires out of everyone’s way with the BenQ Wireless Display Adapter (optional accessory) to deliver big screen display for all your presentations and perform simplified centralized network control via USB 2.0 seamless WLAN connectivity.

Closed Captioning

Display subtitles in video content without the need for an external closed-captioning device with the MX760. It’s perfect for viewing in educational settings such as language classes where a transcript of onscreen dialog is desirable.

Thoughtful Teaching Template Design

To make your teaching job easier, BenQ has added the teaching template function to the MX760. Now, with four different line pattern designs to choose from – Letter Formation, Musical Staff, Worksheet and Coordinate Chart, you can easily write or draw on whiteboards as well as blackboards without the need of drawing lines or charts.

Multi-Function Connectors



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