With the switch off of the analogue TV signal looming the owners of wireless mics have been put in a bit of a jam!
Signals in the band  range from 600 to 800 range are going to allocated to the Digital TV sector, making many microphone setups redundant. End of 2014 has been seen as the cutoff date which means people will be looking for an alternative.
We have tried the AKG GSM band wireless mics and so far have had good results, other people have had problems with some Shure models from research on the net, which should only be a guide and not gospel due to many variables involved with this emerging technology, and the search for the perfect mic for the 21st century goes on.
Please drop me a line at northernbeachespahire@gmail.com or post here if you have been using the new “Digital” mic setups  we would like to hear your experiences.   Image